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DEEP's teams, integrating a wide range of digital skills, support private sector companies active in the service sector or in the distribution of electricity, gas or water, to enable them to transform and gain in efficiency.

Challenges facing players in the business services industry

Exploiting digital data

To continue to perform in the digital age in which we live, players in the business services industry - consulting firms, law firms, fiduciaries, etc. - must make the exploitation of digital data an essential lever in their development. 

By adopting a data-driven approach, they can improve the management of their business, better grasp challenges and envisage new opportunities. Greater mastery of data supports decision-making. 

Improving operational efficiency

Digital technology, through automation, collaboration and artificial intelligence, is also a vector for improving operational efficiency. 

While technology is an essential performance lever, companies must also be aware of their dependence on technology, and better understand the risks associated with the digital world, in order to effectively protect their systems and data, and strengthen their resilience. 

Challenges facing the electricity, gas and water sectors

Cybersecurity and resilience requirements

Providing essential services to society, players involved in the production and distribution of energy resources such as electricity and gas, or water, must meet a range of cybersecurity and resilience requirements. These are detailed in the NIS2 regulations.

As such, these systemic players must ensure that they take a set of measures to fully understand the risks and implement the appropriate procedures and measures to respond to them. 

Supporting the energy transition

These players are also directly concerned by the energy transition and the need to preserve natural resources. In this context, they must support the societal changes underway, and contribute to the redefinition of models for the production, distribution and consumption of energy resources.

At this level, they need to equip themselves with data analysis capabilities, to better understand needs and their evolution. In this respect, technology must enable them to support their customers, giving them the keys to smarter energy consumption.

Our expertise alongside “services & utilities” players

As part of the POST Group, DEEP has developed in-depth expertise in data as a lever for transformation and performance improvement. As a player in the world of business services, we know the sector's issues inside out. As a Telecom & ICT operator, we are also confronted with the challenges of managing infrastructure and distributing essential services, in the same way as electricity, gas and water companies.

Strengthen the security of critical infrastructures

Today, every business depends on its IT systems and the data they contain. It is therefore essential to ensure their security. The survival of your business depends on it. Our cybersecurity experts can help you secure your digital assets. 

Ensure the resilience of your business

Our specialized governance, risk management and compliance teams can help you strengthen your resilience. Critical service providers have to meet a stringent set of requirements in this area. We advise and support you in the operational management of your IT environment. We help you to identify risks and respond appropriately.

Entrust the management of your IT environment to experts

With a wide range of skills, DEEP's teams take charge of the operational management of your IT environment, taking your needs into account. On a day-to-day basis, we ensure that your systems evolve to guarantee optimum performance and a high level of security. In this way, you can concentrate fully on developing your business.

Adopt a data-driven approach

Our experts in the field of Data help you to take on new challenges based on a better use of data. Depending on the issues you face, we'll work with you to find ways of collecting, managing and exploiting data to extract information that will be useful to your development. 

Accelerate your digital transformation

Artificial intelligence, automation, collaboration solutions... DEEP's teams will support you in your digital transformation projects, from identifying the right solutions to deploying them. We'll help you take full advantage of the possibilities offered by technology. 

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