Turning your cyber-resilience challenges into a competitives advantages: anticipating, protecting against threats, detecting and being ready to respond to crises are major business challenges for all companies. This enables you to protect your most critical activities, show your customers that you are a trusted partner, meet the demands of regulators and project yourself peacefully into the future.

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Manage your cyber-resilience with efficiency, pragmatism and confidence, supported by a team of experts at your service. Our approach is based on the expertise of our consultants and on our own multi-certified experience (ISO22301, ISO 27001) and our own compliance to standards and regulations (DORA, NIS 2, CSSF).
Our team of specialized consultants will support you in all your cyber-resilience challenges in a comprehensive and integrated way:

  • Identify business-critical activities and assets: we help you determine which elements are essential to the functioning of your business, and whose availability is a priority to ensure the continuity of your operations.
  • Analyze risks: we carry out an in-depth assessment of the threats, vulnerabilities and dependencies to which your organization is exposed, in order to better anticipate and manage risks.
  • Define a cyber-resilience program: we define robust security, integrity and continuity measures to protect your most valuable data against cyber risks, and help you manage them.
  • Prepare for crises: we draw up business continuity plans to ensure that essential business processes remain operational even in the event of a major crisis.
  • Simplify legal and regulatory compliance: we assist you to ensure that you comply with all current regulations (such as DORA, NIS 2, RGPD and CSSF requirements) as well as reference standards (ISO 27001, ISO 22301) or those specific to your sector (such as SWIFT or TISAX).


What makes us different?

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive, customized approach to cyber resilience, aligning the protection of your critical information with best practice and regulatory requirements.

Curiosity and open-mindedness

  • We're passionate about discovering what makes you unique in business and how it works.
  • We've designed a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) approach that's both efficient and effective, and adaptable to any business sector. 

Experience and qualification

  • Our team has extensive experience and recognized qualifications in the field of cyber resilience. 
  • We are committed to providing you with proven solutions and sound advice to strengthen the security and continuity of your operations.
  • We apply what we recommend. Our approach benefits from the Group's in-house experience across a wide range of businesses: logistics and mail, telecoms and ICT, finance.

Pragmatism and trust

  • To define solutions tailored to your business context and objectives.
  • These solutions are supported by an ecosystem of targeted partners, and the full range of DEEP services, so we can support you from start to finish.
  • Certified methodologies based on ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications to ensure the security and continuity of your activities.

Gouvernance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

What's more, our team of GRC consultants will put their expertise at your disposal to help you manage your digital business:

CISO-as a Service / DPO as a Service

  • Definition and management of annual program
  • Setting up the governance framework
  • Establishing and monitoring controls
  • Exploiting and putting KPIs and metrics into perspective

CISO, operational security and DPO support

  • Provision of skills to strengthen your teams
  • Complementary expertise to support your operations
  • Targeted issues or cross-functional support

Risk management

  • Definition of risk analysis framework and methodology adapted to your context
  • Carrying out global risk analyses
  • Perform targeted risk analyses
  • ISO 27005, EBIOS RM

Assessment of partners and third parties 

  • Assessment of their Cyber maturity
  • Analysis of partner risks to your business
  • Definition and implementation of monitoring and management processes

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

BCMS as a Service

  • Definition and management of the annual program 
  • Setting up the governance framework
  • Implementation of continuity management system components (Business Impact Analysis, Risk Analyses, Continuity Policy, Continuity Strategy, Crisis Management Cell, Continuity Plan, Related Procedures, etc.)
  • Exploitation and perspective setting of KPIs and metrics

BCM assistance, management of the business continuity management system

  • Provision of skills to reinforce your teams
  • Complementary expert skills to support your operations
  • Targeted issues or cross-functional support 

Crisis management

  • Crisis unit organization (organizational, decision-making)
  • Crisis management exercises
  • Raising employee awareness

Support for ISO 22301 certification

  • Gap analysis against ISO 22301 requirements
  • Definition and implementation of an alignment plan for ISO 22301 certification
  • Support during the certification audit
  • Support for annual certification maintenance activities

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