Why outsource your print management?

10 November 2022

Managing printing at an organisational level can be much more complex than you think. While many organisations would like to move to a paperless office, it is not always easy to be entirely paper-free. Some companies, which have no choice but to continue using printers, are looking to optimise their management, reduce costs and limit printing to what is strictly necessary.

A bespoke, round-the-clock solution

One of the challenges in this area is to ensure that the solution is commensurate with the size of the organisation and is suited to its needs, while guaranteeing its availability. There is nothing more frustrating than a printer fault just when you go to use the printer because you need a client to sign some documents, for example. It is essential therefore to be able to rely on functional equipment that is regularly serviced, just as it is important to manage the supply of consumables, be it toners or paper, before they run out.

As organisations seek to focus their efforts on their core business, more and more are now choosing to outsource their print services and management.

Outsourced print management

To meet their needs, DEEP has introduced a Managed Print Services solution. This portfolio of out-of-the-box solutions allows the organisation’s employees to print documents as and when they need to. Outsourcing print management also has numerous other advantages. The main benefits are cost reduction, productivity improvement, increased information security and reduced environmental impact.

Reducing printing costs

Entrusting your print management to an external service provider is the key to reducing costs. How do I do it?

First, your service provider will help the organisation choose the right solution depending on the needs of the business. By considering the operational aspects of the business and assessing the volume of printing required, a bespoke solution, specific policy and associated configurations can be put in place.

For example, companies do not necessarily need to print in colour. Others may opt solely for duplex printing. To limit paper consumption, it is also possible to restrict access to the printer to specific profiles or to allow only certain types of documents to be printed (such as contracts, invoices or quotes, for example).

Pay according to the number of pages printed

In addition to defining the solution, the service provider supplies the hardware and software and ensures that they are installed correctly. The company no longer invests directly in the hardware but subscribes to an all-inclusive service. The risk of a fault or failure is therefore assumed by the service provider, who will replace any faulty equipment at its own expense. Not only that, but the company no longer needs to pay someone to monitor its print facilities. This is all part of the service.

The company also has the option of usage-based payment, with monthly billing of printed pages and no volume commitment.

A productivity-based print solution

Apart from the installed print solution, DEEP remotely monitors items such as toner levels. It also arranges the delivery of consumables before the company runs out. The company itself no longer has to invest in a stock of consumables, which it must constantly remember to top up.

Remote print management using advanced solutions can proactively help to ensure service availability. Depending on the type of contract taken out, the service can include on-site fault management ensuring a swift response.

In addition, DEEP offers tailor-made solutions with an extensive catalogue of professional, robust and reliable Canon multifunction printers, on display in our business corners. Each one guarantees fast, high-quality printing.

Reducing your environmental impact and enhancing security

Establishing a clear print policy and monitoring it regularly can also reduce the amount of printing and cut paper consumption. Relying on a qualified partner who can optimise use of the facilities also reduces the amount of waste generated by printing.

DEEP's solutions also help to enhance security by making print data available to managers. The data show what has been printed and by whom. This information should help to make users aware of the risks associated with printing sensitive information unnecessarily, and ensure better monitoring of how information circulates outside IT systems.

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