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Five good reasons to adopt a mobile fleet management tool

10 March 2020

Keeping track of hundreds of devices, telephone lines and data consumption that can quickly get out of hand – it’s all in a day’s work for a mobile fleet manager. How can you keep your fleet and costs under control? By opting for a specialised management tool. Here are five good reasons not to go without.

Inventory of equipment

When the fleet exceeds 100 devices, it is high time to abandon your trusty Excel file tracking which phone has been entrusted to whom. A fleet management tool allows you to easily find out which employee has which device, with which SIM card, number and plan. No more lost phones: you can easily find the list of devices in stock or sent for repair.

Consumption monitoring

A good fleet management tool now allows real-time monitoring of consumption. So there are no more nasty surprises when the bill arrives. Each member of staff should be assigned a profile that you can configure with a corresponding data volume, talk time or maximum spend. To be effective, a fleet management tool can inform users by e-mail or SMS before they reach their consumption limit. You can also retain control over these messages, turning them into valuable awareness-raising tools to enforce your internal use policy.

Cost control

Companies are taking the issue of optimising telephony costs very seriously. Teleworking is becoming increasingly widespread and data consumption abroad can easily cause the bill to skyrocket in a matter of hours. With a fleet management tool, you can create scenarios to automate the deactivation of certain types of communication (e.g. roaming) in the event of excessive consumption.

These tools often offer multiple possibilities for invoice analysis, including by user, group and subsidiary. Such dashboards should make it possible to identify under-usage in order to reduce packages in a grouped manner.

Freedom to make changes

Have you reassigned an accounting phone to a member of the marketing department? You should be able to change the line description on your bill – which can be used for cost centre allocation purposes – without having to contact your operator. And this saves you precious time.

Pre-emptive changes

Is one of your employees going to Japan for a convention? A fleet management tool should allow you to activate options such as additional data packs at any time.

Before choosing your fleet management tool, check that it offers as many options as possible to make your life easier. The benefit of choosing your operator’s tool is that you should have a single interface for all products and services beyond mobile telephony.

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