Would you like to join DEEP? Find out more about our values and our latest job offers. 

Our mindset

The 4 operating principles at DEEP are consistent with the Group's values:

  • Boldly exploring, which feeds our Modernity value
  • Cooperate with confidence, which cultivates our value of Openness
  • Building with serenity, which enriches our value of Simplicity
  • Commit with conviction, which reinforces our Commitment value

And the Local value, which enables us to implement all our responsible actions in the countries where we operate: Luxembourg, France, Morocco...

Why join us?

By joining the DEEP team, you will have the opportunity to:

  • help invent our customers' digital future
  • share and enrich your technical and business skills to consolidate our position as the benchmark for innovative and responsible digital services
  • interact with in-house talents
  • co-construct a bold personal career path that unlocks your potential

Our job offers

Joining DEEP means finding a job that suits you, that makes sense for you and gives you real opportunities for development.

As a brand new entity of the POST Luxembourg Group, our job offers are temporarily on the POST Group platform.