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Data storage solutions aim to provide fast, secure and reliable access to data, while guaranteeing its integrity and availability for users and applications.

  • Dell EMC, a world leader in enterprise data storage solutions, offers an extensive array of products to meet the data storage needs of organisations of all sizes. Unlock the value of your data assets and turn your data into your most highly-prized resource with Dell EMC Flash Storage, Cloud Storage and Data Protection.

  • HPE servers, combined with IT resource management software solutions, enable more flexible management of available capacity, between storage, power and network. Building on your company’s own infrastructure, it is now possible to dynamically manage its resources as needs change. A converged infrastructure based on HPE technology also makes it easy to connect to the public cloud platforms available, so that you can easily extend the capacities available.

  • Hitachi Vantara offers a wide range of products designed to host data and use it to best advantage in the most intelligent and dynamic way possible. The company offers cutting-edge technology to organisations who wish to store, enrich, activate and add value to their data with a view to improving operational efficiency, reducing costs or creating new revenue sources.


Hyperconvergence is a type of hardware-based IT architecture that closely integrates processing, storage, network and virtualisation components. The aim is to bring everything together in a single intelligence system for optimum data management, higher performance and greater flexibility.

  • Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions offer companies the opportunity to build their own cloud and, depending on the strategy pursued, upgrade their IT environment to hybrid architecture.

Unified communications

Unified communications refers to an integrated approach that combines different communication tools such as voice, video, instant messaging, telephony and collaboration tools into a single system. This promotes productivity, flexibility and collaboration within teams, while reducing the cost and complexity of communications infrastructures.

  • Take advantage of intuitive working tools: bring your staff together, wherever they are and on whatever medium, thanks to integrated collaboration. Cisco UC lets you consolidate your communications infrastructure. Your staff and teams can communicate with ease: iP telephony, high-definition video, instant messaging, and more... 

  • Microsoft’s unified communications solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, integrate instant messaging, voice, video conferencing and collaboration into a single tool. They offer a centralised platform for teams to communicate and collaborate, enabling more efficient working and optimised connectivity.

  • Poly offers headsets, phones and videoconferencing solutions designed to work anywhere, anytime. With ultra-sharp images, vibrant colors and quality sound with AI and anti-noise technologies. 

End-user devices

End-user devices cover a variety of technologies.
Users can access internal services and applications from devices that are owned, managed or even hosted in virtual secure installations. 

  • Apple, the US multinational, embodies technological elegance and boundless innovation. With its iconic products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Apple is constantly redefining the standards of excellence: its minimalist design and exceptional performance attract and inspire millions of users all over the world.

  • Dell offers a complete range of professional devices, including laptops, desktops, workstations, servers and storage solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. These devices are designed to deliver reliable performance, enhanced security and simplified management, meeting the most demanding business requirements.

  • HP is a global leader in the computer hardware market. POST works with HP to take advantage of its trailblazing IT computing solutions: computers, workstations, printers, tablets, software, as well as web services and assistance.

  • Lenovo offers a diverse range of IT products, from notebooks and desktops to servers and data center solutions. Their offering also includes peripherals such as monitors, computer accessories and storage devices. 

  • Poly offers headsets, phones and videoconferencing solutions designed to work anywhere, anytime. With ultra-sharp images, vibrant colors and quality sound with AI and anti-noise technologies.

  • A hallmark of cutting-edge technology, the Korean brand Samsung is constantly testing the boundaries of innovation. From smartphones to televisions and domestic appliances, Samsung offers its users an immersive, connected experience. Samsung’s modern design and advanced features are setting new standards in the digital world, and offer innovative solutions that simplify everyday life. 


Printing solutions include features such as secure printing, centralised print management, compatibility with cloud services and efficient document scanning and distribution. These solutions allow businesses to improve productivity, reduce printing costs and guarantee the security of sensitive data, while providing an optimised printing experience for their users.

  • Canon’s business printing solutions offer a combination of reliable performance, advanced features and efficient workflow management. Canon has a wide range of printing devices, from desktop printers to high-capacity multifunction printing systems, to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes. 

  • Aware that printers may be considered high-risk factors in terms of security, POST and HP work in partnership to offer their customers secure printing solutions. HP printers are recognised as being the most secure.


To guarantee your company’s security, POST works with a number of recognised players in the field of cybersecurity to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions. 

  • Cisco secures networks, applications and data against cyber attacks. Their approach, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables early detection of threats and rapid response to security incidents, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data. 

  • Commvault gives you the edge to ensure your resilience against ransomware and other advanced threats in the hybrid world of today, and tomorrow: data backup and recovery, management of sensitive data, threat detection.

  • With capabilities such as network segmentation, IoT security and remote access security, Fortinet enables enterprises to secure their infrastructures against the most sophisticated attacks, while minimising risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Palo Alto Networks excels in next-generation firewalls, cloud security, endpoint protection and network and application security.

  • Tehtris offers innovative security solutions focused on threat detection and response. Their platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data analysis to identify and neutralise cyber threats in real time.


Using advanced features such as virtualisation, integrated security and centralised management, businesses can optimise their network operations, improve user connectivity and guarantee the availability of critical applications. Thanks to our partners, businesses benefit from a high-performance, flexible and scalable network infrastructure, helping them to meet current and future technological challenges.

  • Cisco network solutions are recognised worldwide for their reliability, performance and innovation. As an industry leader, Cisco offers a vast spectrum of network products and services, including switches, routers, security solutions, wireless access points, and much more. 

  • Providing a combined end-to-end solution from data centre to access point, Extreme Networks designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment.

  • VMWare provides virtualisation solutions: optimisation of performance and resource availability, and the automation of operations.

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