Strengthening the digital transformation of public administrations

DEEP guarantees access to digital services for all, to increase efficiency and better meet citizens' expectations by implementing innovative solutions, while ensuring data confidentiality. 

The challenges facing public-sector players

Digital prominence

Public-sector players - whether state departments, government agencies, local authorities or other institutions such as research centers, schools, universities or hospitals - can improve the services they offer through digital means. 

5G, IoT and data analysis

Beyond the obligation to guarantee optimal connectivity for every individual or legal entity, the public sector must take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology, such as 5G, IoT or data analytics, to improve the many services to the population: education, security, healthcare, resource management, access to infrastructure.

Ease of use and guaranteed security

Digital technology also facilitates administrative procedures and streamlines the processing of various requests made by citizens to institutions. 

Because they have to manage citizens' data, public sector structures must also be able to guarantee its security and confidentiality. 

Our expertise for the public sector

DEEP, as a fixed and mobile connectivity network operator, supports public structures, ensuring the rollout of fiber and 5G throughout the country. We support state structures, municipalities and various public services to enable them to gain in efficiency thanks to digital technology. 

Ensuring optimal connectivity throughout the region

While we are busy rolling out the fiber optic network across the country, DEEP is also responding to specific situations by deploying permanent or ad hoc connectivity solutions thanks to 5G. These can be used to cover certain white zones, or to support the mobile network for the duration of an event. 

Guaranteeing data confidentiality

Our sovereign Cloud, deployed at our data centers in Luxembourg, guarantees the highest levels of security and data confidentiality. Information relating to citizens remains located in Luxembourg. Our security experts support government agencies in securing their data. 

Supporting IT systems management

DEEP's teams help government and local authorities transform and manage their IT assets. We help them become more efficient, keep their systems up to date and ensure their resilience. 

Supporting your digital transformation

Our teams can advise and support you in your digital transformation projects, to improve your processes, better serve your citizens or reduce costs. Our ambition is to enable you to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by technology, while controlling risks and guaranteeing you the utmost peace of mind. 

Bringing you the benefits of 5G

The new generation of mobile networks is making it possible to improve many of the services provided to the population. In particular, the technology makes it possible to dedicate network frequencies to specific uses, such as emergency services or police forces, to enable more effective interventions.

Improving processes to facilitate procedures

Automation and data processing technologies are designed to make it easier for public authorities to take the right steps. By implementing solutions tailored to your needs, our teams can help you improve your processes to better serve your users.

Offering new services to the population

The Internet of Things can be used to improve public services. By connecting water meters, for example, you can monitor consumption in real time, or detect leaks or problems more effectively. In this way, local authorities can help limit waste and save resources. 

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