Securing digital healthcare data and services

DEEP supports industry players in their digital transformation and in the management of their IT resources, providing them with secure solutions, with strong guarantees in terms of healthcare data preservation and service availability.

The challenges facing players in the healthcare and life sciences sectors

Information sharing between practitioners

In the healthcare sector, doctors and nursing staff, hospitals and laboratories alike rely on a wide range of digital solutions. Technology supports diagnostics and facilitates the sharing of information between practitioners to improve patient follow-up.

Data security

The data and digital solutions used to provide care are extremely sensitive and require a high level of security. Patients' lives can depend on the availability of services and information. For this reason, the NIS Directive imposes stringent requirements on critical healthcare players in terms of cybersecurity and resilience.

Data exploitation

Healthcare data is also extremely valuable for research, in the field of personalized medicine for example. Collecting and exploiting this data requires cutting-edge tools and expertise, as well as the ability to mobilize substantial, secure and sovereign computing capacities.

Our expertise in the healthcare sector

DEEP has been supporting a number of key healthcare players in Luxembourg for several years. Building on our strong expertise in the management of sensitive data, we help players to protect medical information, secure IT systems and provide better patient support through technology.

Guaranteeing the confidentiality of healthcare data

Healthcare data is precious. Preserving its confidentiality is a key issue. Guaranteeing data integrity is vital. DEEP brings you in-depth expertise in sensitive data management, based on ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications. Our highly secure infrastructures ensure a high level of protection.

Helping healthcare professionals face the threat

Healthcare IT systems are regularly the target of cyber attacks. Our teams are here to help you secure your IT environments and strengthen your resilience, so that you can guarantee rapid restoration of your systems in any eventuality. In this respect, DEEP can help you meet your regulatory obligations, in particular those imposed by the NIS directive.

Improving the patient experience

We work with you to explore ways of improving the patient experience. Using the possibilities offered by today's communication and information technologies, providers can better support patients and their care, from diagnosis to long-term follow-up. Digital technology, for example, facilitates the sharing of health data with different practitioners and improves remote monitoring of treatments, while guaranteeing the preservation of confidentiality.

Facilitating the use of health data

We help you to make the most of your healthcare data, by providing access to resources and analysis tools. We support your research and innovation efforts in the healthcare field, by providing you with secure, scalable environments, as well as tools and platforms tailored to your needs.

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Deployment of 5G at CHEM

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