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At the heart of every digital strategy, the Cloud is at the crossroads of your business challenges. How can you make sense of issues such as MultiCloud, Sovereign Cloud, Data & AI? Our solutions can help you implement tomorrow's IT environment today, and to help you reap even greater benefits, we can help you tackle these challenges and opportunities with awareness and confidence.

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Boost your transformation to the Cloud

To help you stay on course in a sea of Cloud solutions, we offer you a technology-agnostic approach that embraces all the facets of your own challenges and constraints. Based on your business needs, we work with you to redesign your path to a successful Cloud strategy.
At every stage of your project, whether in the diagnostic, insight or even optimization phase of implementing your Cloud solutions, you accelerate the potential of the Cloud in your organization. 
Do you need strategic, organizational or technical recommendations to support your Cloud projects? Let's work together to address business needs, as well as technical, budgetary, compliance and security constraints.

  • Initiate your Cloud Journey
  • Evaluate Cloud solutions
  • Define a Cloud-native approach
  • Manage the transformation

Support in defining and implementing effective Cloud strategies

Get the best of Sovereign Cloud, Public Cloud and MultiCloud, and benefit from the comprehensive support of our experts. Together, we clarify, convert and promote your Cloud strategy. We offer a flexible approach that matches each stage of your Cloud Journey.

Initiate your Cloud Journey

Your business needs must guide your every step on the road to the Cloud. They are at the heart of our analysis, and we make sure we understand your constraints, whether budgetary, regulatory or simply technical. We draw up an overview of the solutions relevant to your challenges, and put them to the test. 

Manage the transformation

Effective change management in the context of the Cloud requires a holistic approach combining training, communication and transformation management. We prepare the ground, plan the change and support your performance axes.

Define a Cloud-native approach

To take advantage of the intrinsic characteristics of Cloud services, such as scalability, resilience and elasticity, you want to adopt the new codes: Cloud automation and orchestration, containerization and microservices architecture, continuous deployment and integration (CI/CD)... Let's define tomorrow's model together.

A clearer view

Sometimes, the promises of the Cloud can turn into mirages. To help you navigate with precision, we offer you access to our technology watch tailored to your own specific challenges. 
You'll get a global overview of the major market trends, a useful focus on the main solutions, and a presentation of solutions to consider for your singular context.

Evaluate Cloud solutions

Now that you've got your compass for the Cloud, you want to get to grips with your project and ensure that business needs and technological possibilities are perfectly matched. We work with you to identify technical, security, legal and economic constraints. We'll assess your level of readiness and determine the right solutions to make your project a success.

Support change

Time for action! You're at the heart of your Cloud program. You measure the effort and complexity of the change required, and can experiment, prioritize use cases, establish governance, etc.
We define an adoption plan, including communication, training and measures of success.

Would you like support with your project?

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