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Discover our unique expertise in optimizing and operating our Datacenters, ready to boost your global ICT hosting strategy. Whether you're operating your own server rooms or planning to migrate or consolidate your infrastructure in new ICT premises, our support will ensure the success of your projects.

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Expertise forged by experience

Would you like to benefit from end-to-end expertise in transforming your datacenter? Together, we'll tackle every aspect of hosting your infrastructures: eco-efficiency and environmental impact, physical security, budget optimization, state-of-the-art operation... We'll help you to understand, plan and execute the evolution of your datacenter in the age of the Cloud with peace of mind.

Our solutions and services

Reduce your impact on the environment

Our experts can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your datacenter.

 Pay particular attention to the energy and environmental efficiency of your ICT.

Audit or certify your Datacenter with our expertise

Adopt best practices and guarantee the security of your data. 

Would you like to align your processes and services with the Uptime Institute's Tier III or Tier IV requirements, as well as ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 22301 (security and resilience)?

Move your ICT infrastructures: a worry-free transition

Make a success of your migration to a new datacenter environment. 
Transform your proprietary IT infrastructure without a hitch, thanks to the expertise of our teams. 
Secure your investments and prepare your company to achieve sustainable, high-performance ICT objectives.

Manage your datacenter like a pro

Entrust us with the management and operation of your infrastructures, and offer your ICT, Facility and Environment teams top-quality support for your Datacenter. 

Benefit from our 24*7 service, and focus on creating value for your business. 

Customized support

  • Benefit from our expertise: Take advantage of our recognized expertise in Tier IV datacenter infrastructure management. Audit your infrastructures, assess the economic and environmental impact of your IT rooms, and launch your relocation project in complete peace of mind with the expert support of our teams.
  • Objective assessment: Evaluate your data center impartially and independently with our teams. Identify your areas for improvement and your data center's vulnerabilities, and draw up an action plan to reinforce the security and availability of your data. 
  • Optimize your costs: Audit your infrastructure and operational processes to effectively identify areas for budget optimization. 
  • Outsource your IT room management: Benefit from ongoing support to optimize your IT rooms. Entrust us with the management of interventions, access, security and the investment program for your data centers, enabling you to concentrate on your core business, while gaining access to industry best practices. 

Your advantages

Experts in the field

With more than 20 years' experience, we operate three Datacenters and 15,000 m2 of computer rooms in the heart of Europe, without interruption of service. This unique experience is at your disposal.

Your infrastructures like ours

Would you like an integrated management model for your proprietary infrastructures and outsourced data centers? 

Environment, security, availability

Base your data center operations on the best frameworks in the field: energy management, security and resilience, high availability of services.

Putting your business first

You can count on a fully committed partner whose services operate 24x7. 

Would you like support with your project?

Fill in our form and our experts will get back to you to analyze your needs. 

Our associated solutions

Our colocation solutions

Datacenters are the first link in the information protection and processing chain. 

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Sovereign Cloud

The Luxembourg Cloud, which complies with specific laws and regulations. 

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Business Continuity Services

Maximize business continuity with our integrated IT resilience services. 

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