Business continuity services

Maximize business continuity with our integrated IT resilience services. In a regulated environment, give your customers, shareholders and partners a powerful guarantee of your adaptability in all circumstances.

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SMB Large enterprises

Resilience, the watchword of agile businesses

Our resilience solutions help you to overcome crises and ensure business continuity in the event of a major operational incident. With our 2 disaster recovery sites and 800 workstations, you can quickly and safely redeploy your business.

Recovery Workplaces

Our Recovery Workplace services go far beyond simply providing backup workspaces in the event of inaccessibility to your usual work environment. You can rest assured that you'll be able to get on with your core business, even when your premises or IT systems are affected by an incident. 
With 800 fully-equipped workstations spread over 2 sites, you can relocate your critical staff in less than 2 hours to carry out your essential operations.   

Our business continuity process

Prepare for any emergency with the support of our certified teams. We identify your vulnerabilities to prevent potential incidents.

  1. Pre-disaster phase

    Definition of recovery time and recovery point objectives, an IT disaster recovery plan and a business resumption plan.

  2. Crisis management phase

    In the event of an emergency, activate your communications and ensure rapid recovery of your IT systems and business activities. With 800 fully-equipped workstations, you can recover your working environment within two hours.

  3. Post-mortem recovery  

    Gather evidence and forensic analysis to learn from the emergency.

Regulatory compliance

The financial sector, because of its central role in the economy, must meet the highest standards of security and business continuity to ensure resilience. With DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), you need to take the necessary precautions to operate at all times. Our service offering is based on 3 Tier IV-certified data centers, as well as 2 disaster recovery sites in Luxembourg, with 800 fully equipped workstations.

Our ISO 22301 certification guarantees the expertise of our teams in security, resilience and business continuity. Our consultants can support you right through to ISO 22301 certification. As a "Professionnel du Secteur Financier" (PSF), subject to CSSF regulation, we face the same constraints as you. This reinforces our ability to understand and respond to your specific needs. 

Your benefits

A two-hour disaster recovery plan

Benefit from our 800 emergency workstations (including trading rooms), a PSF environment

Get through the crisis more serenely

Deploy your crisis unit in the event of a major incident under optimum conditions in the emergency command center

DORA or NIS2 compliant

Get concrete operational resilience solutions for regulatory frameworks such as DORA or NIS2

Test and anticipate

Plan and run tests, and turn them into experiences to strengthen your ability to overcome crises

Our associated services for cyber resilience

Develop your business continuity plan

Define procedures and KPIs with our certified consultants. Anticipate shocks and hardships, and make your ICT an asset for your company's resilience

Cyber Vault & Backup Recovery Services

Protect your Minimum Viable Company (MVC) in our Cyber Vault. Choose the assurance of resisting any extreme malicious act, such as encryption by ransomware or sabotage by an infiltrator

Get ISO 22301 certification

Align your organization with international standards for Continuity and Cyber-Resilience with the expertise of our consulting teams.

Cyber-Resilience Portal

Our portal facilitates the implementation of recurring continuity processes. Optimize your cyber-resilience management.

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Sovereign cloud

The Luxembourg Cloud, which complies with specific laws and regulations. 

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Turning your cyber-resilience challenges into a competitives advantages: anticipating, protecting against threats, detecting and being ready to respond to crises are major business challenges for all companies.

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