Your unique partner in the quest for technological excellence in Luxembourg and internationally.

DEEP, the result of the merger of the expertise of Digora, EBRC, Elgon & POST Telecom

DEEP integrates all the digital expertise and skills of the POST Luxembourg Group (EBRC, Elgon, Digora Luxembourg and POST Telecom) to better help you grow by leveraging the possibilities offered by digital technology.

With more than 700 employees, DEEP is now the only partner for professional digital services in Luxembourg, the Greater Region and throughout Europe.

With DEEP, you have direct access to all the expertise you need to implement, manage and transform your digital environments, to innovate and support your objectives. 

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky”

Sonia Gandhi Indian politician

Strengthen your ability to operate effectively at the heart of a digital economy

In the digital age, organisations need to strengthen their ability to adapt and deepen their digital skills so that they can confidently explore the new possibilities offered by technology.

As your one-stop partner, we can help you navigate your way effectively through this environment, mobilising all the expertise and resources you need to tackle every aspect of your digital transformation. 

From the outset, we will advise, guide and support you every step of the way, with the aim of accelerating your development and guaranteeing you the utmost peace of mind. 

We need people pushing the boundaries. Exploration is what we, as humans, do.”

Heidi Hammel Planetary astronomer

Access a broad portfolio of services and solutions based on 3 areas of expertise

Our services and solutions are based on the POST Group's robust infrastructure: state-of-the-art fixed and mobile networks operated directly by our teams, Tier IV-certified data centres and our sovereign Cloud.


Management of IT resources through our datacentres or from Cloud platforms


Securing digital assets and strengthening the resilience of organisations


Making the most of data and innovation

Benefit from comprehensive support

The integration of our expertise means we can support all your projects, from identifying the solutions that meet your needs through to operational management and securing your environments.

  1. Advise

    Based on a clear understanding of your challenges, we can advise you on how to approach your digital transformation and the path to follow.

  2. Prepare

    We design and implement efficient IT environments and technological solutions, backed up by robust, scalable infrastructures, to help you become more efficient and face the future with confidence.

  3. Secure

    We ensure that your critical digital assets are secure in the face of a wide range of risks and threats. At the heart of our approach is ensuring your resilience.

  4. Support

    We manage and develop your system environment on a day-to-day basis, so that you can concentrate fully on your challenges.

  5. Explore

    As part of our innovation approach, we help you generate value from your data and the possibilities offered by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and machine learning.

Helping you benefit from the latest technological advances

At all times, we want you to benefit from all the possibilities offered by digital technology, by keeping abreast of emerging technologies and by mastering them so that we can better envisage new uses for them.

The development of new synergies between the Group's digital skills centres and the strengthening of our partnerships with suppliers of cutting-edge technology solutions enable us to adopt an innovative approach so that you can benefit from the latest technological advances.

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let's all go exploring.”

Edith Widder Oceanographer and marine biologist

A responsible approach to digital

By investing in the modernisation of our ICT and telecoms infrastructures, we are exploring all the ways in which we can improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of our services.

By raising awareness and training our customers in these issues, our expertise promotes the adoption of best practice in digital sobriety, eco-responsible innovation and the recycling of obsolete equipment.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein Theoretical physicist

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